Anais Morrisa
Anais Morrisa
General Information
Age 16
Home District 1
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Spiked whip, flail
Fate Alive
Appearences 399th Hunger Games
Anais Morrisa was the District 1 female from LightStone123's 399th Hunger Games. She was the district partner of Jake Locketback. Overall, she placed 1st out of 32, becoming a Victor.

Anais was inducted into The Hall of Fame in December 2015.


Anais acts very cute and fun, giggling a lot and staying on everyone's good side. She likes to make friends and have fun, and is a nice girl. Until you really get to know her... she's a manipulative jerk that will use people to get what she wants. Even when you get to know her mean side, she acts cute in a more sarcastic way. She's eager for the games, and the chance to use people in a much crueler way than usual, but still act like a sister of the light.


Anais has slightly pale skin, and long, bright lavender hair that falls in waves down her back, with straight bangs swept to the side. She has blushed cheeks, and has light purple eyes. She always has a somewhat "innocent" look to her face. Anais is quite tall, being 5'9".

Training ScoreEdit

399th Annual Hunger Games: 9



Bailey SnowbelleIris PixelFawn Talons, Ganta AlomoAlexandrite BohamiaLuxio SertraliumAmaya Lovelace & Flame Vapore


Carmine Morrisa


Sister: Carmine Morrisa



  • Anais owns the record of most kills in a single Hunger Games by a female tribute with 8.
  • Anais killed both tributes from District Thirteen, Luxio and Alexandrite, as well as all members of Amaya Lovelace's alliance as well.
  • Anais is the first female victor in the series to win a games that only produced one victor. She would later be followed by Jayda Idylwyld.
The 399th Hunger Games
Victor Anais Morrisa
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