Bronco Bagwell
Bronco Bagwell
General Information
Age 18
Home District 10
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Axe
Fate Alive
Appearences 301st Annual Hunger Games
Bronco Bagwell was the District 10 male from LightStone123's 301st Annual Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Seeker Amaryllis. Overall he placed 26th out of 28.


Bronco is dimwitted and overconfident, yet he is very friendly towards the people he likes.


Bronco has dark skin and short buzzed black hair. He is also very muscular and somewhat tall standing at 6'0ft.

Training ScoreEdit

301st Annual Hunger Games: 8


As soon as the gong rang out, Bronco ran towards the cornucopia, where he quickly grouped up with his ally, Ice Hunts. The two of them began to pick up items when Saidy Dauntless attacked Ice. He quickly dispatched her but as the two of them were about to flee, an arrow struck Bronco in the chest, killing him.




Seeker Amaryllis, Ice Hunts


Killed by: Ramon Constancy


Ice was mildly upset that Bronco, along with their other ally Seeker, had died but this was more because of the strategic value they held then any emotional attachment he had for them.


  • Bronco was the second District 10 male to be killed in the opening Bloodbath
  • He was also the fourth District 10 Tribute to be killed in the opening Bloodbath
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