District 5 Seal

District 5 is a upper middle-class district in the nation of Panem. This District is responsible for producing the energy which fuels the Capitol and the rest of Panem. The tributes from this district tend to die due to having no training for the games.



Trenton Powers - 300th Annual Hunger Games

Watt Powers - 301st Annual Hunger Games & 400th Annual Hunger Games

Tameo Arghus - 302nd Annual Hunger Games

Sebastian Hive - 325th Annual Hunger Games & 400th Annual Hunger Games

Kodai Hitogoroshi - 325th Annual Hunger Games & 327th Annual Hunger Games

Philo Ventus - 326th Annual Hunger Games

Woody Chopper327th Annual Hunger Games

Johnathan Mikeal  - 398th Annual Hunger Games & 400th Annual Hunger Games

Clark Stevens - 399th Annual Hunger Games

Seth Rollins - 400th Annual Hunger Games

Nicholas Mecha401st Annual Hunger Games


Allie Costigan - 300th Annual Hunger Games

Swift Twirpshkin - 301st Annual Hunger Games

Trick Treat - 302nd Annual Hunger Games327th Annual Hunger Games & 400th Annual Hunger Games

Missy Randos - 325th Annual Hunger Games

Allana Darkbloom - 325th Annual Hunger Games

Bonnie Cougar - 326th Annual Hunger Games

Augusta Winters327th Annual Hunger Games

Lucinda Kidd - 398th Annual Hunger Games

Missy Turner399th Annual Hunger Games

Ashley Curtis - 400th Annual Hunger Games

Corin Greer401st Annual Hunger Games


District 5 has had a total of one victor over the course of the series.

Missy Randos


District 5 has had no tributes escape during the series.


District 5 has had two mentors mentioned in the series.

Sierra Myst

Kyle Hilliard



District 5 in the 300th Annual Hunger Games did fairly well. Trenton Powers ended up making a kill on the first day, and soon joined an alliance including his district partner Allie, and two other tributes. He wound up surviving untill the 4th day, where he was killed from behind by Edmund Everton placing 13th out of 24. Allie Costigan also had a good performance. She survived the initial battle and hid during most of the time, but she also provided herself with a kill; which increased her chances of winning. She had a very good performance, but in the end, she died in the second arena when Elvis Alexander attacked and killed her. She placed 10th out of 24.







The performances of the tributes from District 5 were medicore. While Johnathan Mikeal got the highest training score of those games, Lucinda Kidd got the lowest, quite an unusual sight. Johnathan Mikeal's performance was great, as he got the highest training score and got a kill right off the bat. He was an useful ally during the games, and was always wanting to help. He stayed with his alliance untill he got himself killed so he could save his allies, which saddened them greatly. He placed 13th out of 32 Lucinda Kidd's performance was horrible, due to the fact that she earned the lowest score and odds of those games. On the first day, she was the second tribute to get to the Cornucopia, right after Trevor Gold. Trevor spotted her. She tried to flee, but Trevor quickly slit her throat open, giving her a gruesome death. She placed 32nd out of 32.


In the 399th Annual Hunger Games both tributes preformed poorly, but they fought and managed to escape the bloodbath nearly unharmed. On the 2nd day, they joined Henry Polyester in an alliance, and later on they joint forces with the anti-careers. On Day 3, Clark Stevens got his head bashed in and died instantly. He placed 23rd out of 32. Missy Turner, was greatly saddened by this. She managed to survive for two more days, untill she was murdered in her sleep by Colin Bisset, who slit her throat open. She placed 15th out of 32.