Ice Hunts
Ice Hunts1
General Information
Age 17
Home District 13
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Sickle, Crossbow
Fate Deceased
Appearences 301st Annual Hunger Games & 327th Annual Hunger Games
Ice Hunts was the District 13 male from LightStone123's 301st Annual Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Saidy Dauntless. Overall he placed 3rd out of 28.

Ice was revived for the 327th Annual Hunger Games along with Piper Quinn. Also Kingsley Orion and Celia Myer were reaped. Overall, he placed 55th out of 56.


Ice is calm and quiet, only regularly speaking when spoken to. He is disciplined and he will listen to his leader without question. In other words, he is a natural born soilder. He has quick reflexes and he knows the right moment to attack. If someone has something to say, he'll listen to them and he'll discuss if he approves or not. He will sometimes give orders and he doesn't like it if you speak without permission.


Ice is a Caucasian boy with little Asian descent. He has dyed blue hair (his natural hair color being brown) and fair skin. He has gray eyes and is quite tall, although this is expected of his age and race. He has been said to be attractive by some in his district.

Training ScoreEdit

301st Annual Hunger Games: 10

327th Annual Hunger Games: 10




Saidy Dauntless, Damian Weatherby, Perrie Grain, Cody Freshwater, Ramon Constancy & Bethunia Underium


Bronco Bagwell & Seeker Amaryllis


Killed by: Marcio Redge





Alissa Metal BeamTrain McBridge & Celia Myer


Killed by: Austin Aitken


Marcio avenged Bethunia's death by slaying Ice, so it's likely that he was relieved that he killed him.

Ice was later revived for the 327th Hunger Games, but he died surprisingly early, being a Bloodbath victim. Many tributes were very relieved to see his face in the sky, as he was a major threat with a big kill record. He was killed by Austin, who would later become one of the victors.


  • Ice was the first Tribute in the series to kill his District partner
  • He had the most kills in the 301st Games with a total of six.
  • Both people who killed Ice became Victors.
  • Ice was the first tribute to die twice in the series.
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