Mercury Kwildor
Mercury Kwildor
General Information
Age 17
Home District 1
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Spear, Bow & Arrow
Fate Deceased
Appearences 401st Annual Hunger Games

Mercury Kwildor was the District 1 male from LightStone123's 401st Annual Hunger Games. He was the district partner of Valencia Sonar. Overall he placed 29th out of 32 tributes.


Mercury is not the stereotypical career in the slightest. Proof of this lies in how he is rather humane when it comes to everybody other than bullies. In that case, he can act quite hostile towards them by speaking his mind. This can be used to point out that he is slightly on the caring side, which he wouldn’t deny. Following this, he can be defiant and slightly rebellious if he truly believes in his opinion and wants to prove it. Mercury can be very determined in general, never giving up unless he knows that the effort put in will remain in vain.


Mercury is a somewhat good-looking lad, having attracted the attention of many trainees over the years. His once sandy blonde hair was dyed bright orange to make Mercury stand out but to also show how he was the ‘odd one out’. In contrast, he has pale green eyes that reflect a calm mood inside of him and take everything in. They also shine with a bit of outgoingness. His skin is tanned to a moderate degree after the amount of times he’s spent out in the sunlight.

Training ScoreEdit

401st Annual Hunger Games: 9


During the bloodbath, Mercury is mentioned to have stayed inside the Cornucopia organizing the supplies, while preventing other tributes from claiming them. While the chaos unfolded, he spotted his ally, and close friend, Mario run for a trident, her favored weapon. He paid her no mind at first, although he soon noticed that another tribute, Surorian Chaos, was sneaking up on her. He shouted for her to watch out, just as Surorian kicked her across the face, sending her skidding across the deck.

Mercury rushed to her rescue, getting into a standing brawl with Surorian in order to protect his friend. However, the fight was short-lived, as in a moment of weakness, Surorian slammed his dagger into Mercury's throat, killing him. 




Aphrodite Lancaster, Valencia Sonar, Silve Wisp, Harley Paramour, Pompeii Vulcan, Mario Firth, & Ash Vile


Killed By: Surorian Chaos


Mario was upset about her friend's death, as well as a bit hurt he died while protecting her. However, she admitted that Mercury had shown his true strength when he gave his life for hers, and wished him peace. After the bloodbath ended, Silve noticed how they had lost two Careers, Mercury being one of them. He stated how he wasn't very fond of Mercury, claiming that he would often talk about being prejudiced, which got on his nerves fast.


  • Mercury was the first male Career to die during the 401st Annual Hunger Games.
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