Mist Scorchil
Mist Scorchil
General Information
Age 14
Home District 7
Gender Male
Games Information
Weapon Axe,Dagger
Fate Alive
Appearences 325th Hunger Games onward

Mist Scorchil was one of the District 7 males in Lightstone123's 325th Annual Hunger Games. He was the District partner of Shade SpectrusChumps Harvaria & Maple Leavestruck. Overall he placed 1st out of 56 tributes becoming a victor along with Missy RandosHazel Dyer & Acheron Bane.

Mist was inducted into The Hall of Fame in December 2015.

Personality Edit

Calm, collected. He is confident and has the heart of a warrior.


Mist is 5'11 with brown messy hair that has haze highlights near the bangs. He always seems to have a relaxed face.

Traning ScoreEdit

325th Annual Hunger Games: 8


Mist was the leader of the anti-careers, He and his allies seemed to have total control over the male arena. Once they were merged into a new arena with the females things started to go downhill once the anti-careers were betrayed. Mist manged to stay alive until the final when his best friend Shade died leaving him as victor.


Zak Slaughter & Dexter Malone


Giller McFishFressa SaltieWolbert ToonicoShade Spectrus, Chumps HarvariaJax GriffinCatalina Tweed, Jake PriceFolly RoverHazel Dyer & Jack Cayman


Best friend: Shade Spectrus


Mist was unable to enjoy his victory as his best friend Shade Spectrus did not win with him. Mist had many problems with Hazel Dyer and Acheron Bane post games due to their actions towards him in the games. Mist was the Capitol's least liked victor of the 325th Annual Hunger Games due to his hatred for the Capitol. 


  • Mist, Hazel, and Watt are the only victors from generation 1 and 2 to be confirmed alive in generation 3.

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