Saidy Dauntless
General Information
Age 18
Home District 12
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Knife

whip, axe

Fate Deceased
Appearences 301st Annual Hunger Games
Saidy Dauntless was the District 13 female from LightStone123's 301st Annual Hunger Games. She was the District partner of Ice Hunts. Overall she placed 27th out of 28.


Saidy is self-centered, selfish and downright mean. She treats other people in distasteful ways just for entertainment, and she doesn't really care about other people as long as she is fine. She is the perfect definition of a snob, and will stop at nothing in order to achieve victory.


Saidy has long, flowing blonde hair and emerald green eyes. She is of average height, standing at at 5'7". Saidy is quite skinny as well, and has pale skin.

Training ScoreEdit

301st Annual Hunger Games: 8


Once the Games began Saidy quickly picked up a knife and charged her District partner, Ice. He easily avoided her attack and swung a sickle into her neck, killing her instantly.






Killed by: Ice Hunts


Saidy's death was hardly noticed as she died in the Bloodbath and had no allies.


  • She was the first Tribute to be killed by their District partner in the whole series.
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