Teresa Silver
Teresa SiIver
General Information
Age 18
Home District 2
Gender Female
Games Information
Weapon Throwing Knives
Fate Deceased
Appearences 325th Annual Hunger Games
Teresa Silver was one of the District 2 females from LightStone123's 325th Annual Hunger Games, the 13th Quarter Quell. She was the district partner of  Hatch Scright, Yuki Kokyu, and Chloe Black. Overall she placed 25th out of 56.

Teresa later competed in the District 2 Death Duel. She was joined by other District 2 tributes who failed to win their original games and were not voted into the 327th Annual Hunger Games. Overall she placed 7th out of 10. 


Teresa is a good friend, most of the time. She's actually quite caring, and she loves helping people. She volunteers to work at orphanages and animal shelters. She's also very outgoing. However, she's not very trustworthy, and she has a very short temper when she's mad. At that point she's loud and screams. 


Teresa has long brown hair and olive eyes.

Training ScoreEdit

325th Annual Hunger Games: 8




Allana Darkbloom


Skylar Windbreeze, Artemis Grace, Chloe Black, Fressa Saltie, Layla Twozone, Amelia Puregold, Flawra Moonshadow


Killed by: Fressa Saltie

District 2 Death Duel Edit

Kills Edit

Drewsiff Bloodwonky

Allies Edit


Other Edit

Killed by: Jeffrey Killheart




  • Before participating in the Hunger Games, Teresa was being stalked.
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